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What’s Junglemy?

The Life Jungle Academy

Courses, events and podcast focused on Capitalism, Real estate, Business, Healthy living, People skills and Entertainment

Key life knowledge

Courses, events and talks on things you don’t always learn from school or parents. Things you need to know in order to be successful in life to deal with real life situations. How to make capitalism work for you, understand real estate, business, entrepreneurship, healthy living, people skills and entertainment


Young, ambitious individuals who have big dreams for their lives and who also know that success is not for granted in the life jungle. Half the world is less than thirty years old and the competition is harsh. Life is an enterprise! Many things to know and manage to succeed. Lifepreneurs are the CEOs of their lives, they take control over their destiny. Junglemy provides them with their “Life MBA”

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We interview entrepreneurs, authors, athletes, elite military strategists, scientists, rappers and rock stars…They share in our podcast some of their “jungle moves”, their secrets to become successful and advise you on how to make a place for yourself in today’s and tomorrow’s life jungle


We give you access to exceptional individuals that you would not otherwise have access to so easily. We call them life jungle companions. They create the courses, share their experiences in interviews for our podcast.  In a world where knowledge is the key to success these elite guests help make the world fairer, better by providing their recipe for success to our community of lifepreneurs

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