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Advanced Startups Accelerator

Focus: Healthcare innovation


The entrepreneurial journey is a risky one and can be costly for those investing their time or money. We help derisk startup projects by providing early stage acceleration services. Start-ups most common points of failure are a) Lack of entrepreneurial fundamental knowledge b) lack of market research c) lack of team to implement and d) lack of funds. These are the areas for which we support entrepreneurs to help them accelerate their success or pivot(s).


Insights, market validation, idea documentation (Pitch, financial plans, training and podcast)

Access to an online and global network (mentors, technical partners, influencers)

Team (Lead Advisors)

AS – DS – CK – SM – RW – TBD


Network Capabilities

Market research & validation
Graphic and Web designs
Professional video editing
Software requirements & design
Incorporation / equity split
Intellectual property
Business process engineering
Healthcare network introductions
France / EU network introductions
Customer acquisition teams

Insights & Training

Starter book
Online training
Podcast interviews


Online Training

A founder and innovator preparation training to help increase chances of success

Pitch On A Yacht 

Pitch on a yacht, raise funds, receive advice, promote your company and make it all an amazing experience!

Established Enterprises

Innovation Services

Bring entrepreneurial thinking and tools in your organization and make innovation your advantage.


Discover new faces, new thoughts, learn from those who do.
Interviews of thought leaders and VIPs!

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