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Empowering an entire generation for success

  Junglemy’s mission…

Our mission is to create a community of Lifepreneurs and teach people key life knowledge that is not always taught at all or well by traditional education or commercial institutions. We want to make younger generations of millennials and generation z more knowledgeable on Capitalism, Real Estate, Business, Healthy living, People and social skills and entertainment.

Problems we want to solve…

Millennials and Generation z have big ambitious dreams but are not always equipped with the right knowledge to make them successful in achieving these. As a result, they can get overburdened with debt, stuck in jobs they hate, at a salary that does not support their desired lifestyles. They buy things they don’t really need as opposed to investing their hard earned money towards financial freedom in real estate, or high returns savings accounts or funds. They can sometimes work hard for money but forget to make that money work for them. They end up stressed with health habits that are not the most beneficial for them. It’s the Jungle out there and as a young ambitious individual with only one life, it is important to start with the right set of information to maximize chances of success.

Did you know that…

Half of the world is less than 30 years old!

the middle class has shrunk while the lower and higher classes have increased!

50% of Americans have no retirement savings!

Debt in the US has reached 12 Trillion $!

New riches are mostly created from Entrepreneurship!

You will either be an entrepreneur in your lifetime or work for one!

The life span of businesses went from 60 years in 1960 to 12 years by 2030

The world economic forum predicts that the most wanted skills by 2030 will be creativity and complex problem solving!

160 Millions Americans are overweight!

40 Million American are affected by depression!

20-40% of death each year could have been avoided!

Heart Attacks, Diabetes, cancers are the top diseases and could be link to what we eat!

People skills is what will get you a great job, a raise, a promotion – not just hard work!

One out of three mariage fail and there is a divorce every 30 seconds in the USA!

The biggest regrets people have in their life is often their job and who they married!

The Junglemy team

Alistair, Founder, Chief Execution Officer

Monroe, Head of Millennials and Gen-z Digital Communications (Freelancer)

Anne-Sophie Benoit – Video editing (Freelancer)

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