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Below is the list of individuals that have already accepted to work with us to share their knowledge to help others succeed.
Should you want to participating in this fulfilling adventure contact us.

Companions who created courses

Alistair S. – Founder Junglemy and Startupsinnovation

Many years in the business world, finance. Social and economic impact entrepreneur. He worked in a variety of roles for top performing companies and lived in France, Boston and Silicon Valley. He interviewed many leading experts in their fields. He is the founder of Startupsinnovation and Junglemy – The Life Jungle Academy. He holds a Masters degree in Business Management

Junglemy content contribution:

Entrepreneurship course: Learn to launch a start-up in today’s tech (r)evolution era

Nora Gay – Entrepreneur, Harvard Law and banking student

Expert in Financial Management, Law, politics and entrepreneurship. She holds a bachelor in political science and finalizes her JD in Law and investment banking at Harvard. She also founded Nutranx and CGRSS. She created and provided the Wealth Building training that we currently offer on Junglemy. 
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