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“First you have to learn the rules of the game, then you have to play better than anyone else” Albert Einstein

Discover on this page content that was created to immerse you in the world of startups and innovation. We developed this content based on experiences in the Silicon Valley, mentoring and launching start-ups and working with large businesses. (The idea is that all large businesses were once a start-up!). This is unique content and perspectives that will help you win. We have training content for all budgets and ambitions.

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Customer reviews

Louise Teo – Following the training she became the Founder of the Medical Start-up

The training has helped open my eyes to the breadth of opportunities available for disruption. With tech comes a new wave of ability for anyone anywhere in the world to do good, quickly and easily- and Startups Innovation’s training has helped me start sooner, adapt quicker, assess pivot strategies and enjoy the process even more than previously. It’s also given me valuable insight into the worlds of Silicon Valley and Boston, the tech and digital health capitals of the world. Thanks team 🙂 – Louise

Ivy Wong – UX Designer, entrepreneur and founder of TrueLifeGenie.com

Startups Innovation training is great for entrepreneurs, especially for early stage entrepreneurs. I have been doing my own business for about two years now, and I think it is quite necessary to understand how things works and learn as much as you can upfront before getting started. Startups Innovation not only provides you tons of helpful resources but also provides a good chance to know people in different industries. So I high recommend it.

Alison Ma – Student and artist at Berklee School of Music

Start-ups Innovation inspired me by giving me the knowledge necessary to solidify my motivation in pursuing my dreams. Watching webinars with people who were in the industry gave me the opportunity that I would not have gotten otherwise (or would not have known where to find), in order to ask questions and gain knowledge from others’ experiences. This is an invaluable resource that can help speed up the growth of making what you desire attainable to you.

Ando Bagdasarian after the training he got hired from one of the top and fastest growing real estate company in Boston

Highly recommend taking this course. Alistar has a ton of knowledge and will be able to get most unanswered questions answered and even provide you with additional back up. The material is invaluable and so is the support. Let this be your first stop to creating your brand, product etc.

Jeff Ellis – Business analyst – Finance Manager in rapidly growing Pharmaceutical company

Startups Innovation training provided a great overview of the entrepreneurship process, and how innovation can be harnessed to build a new business as well as add value in a company that’s beyond the startup phase. Alistair Is an expert at connecting principles of startups to a variety of fields and scenarios, and getting the information across with clear action-oriented steps!

Eduardo Donowa – Founder of DK Detroit Fashion and tech accessory brand

Startupsinnovation provides key insights and helps people like me to get an understanding and elevate to the next level effortlessly with their startups. Webinars, ebooks, interviews, pitch decks, Silicon valley methods, you name it startupsinnovation has it covered. Thanks from Digikuz llc lets see what the next level is like.

Derek Mathieson – Product manager at Amazon.com

Start-ups Innovation has created a training that is tailored for different audiences such as the less talked about intrapreneur role. Going through the program has given me concrete actions to work on that will help me improve collaboration within and between teams, come up with creative ways to brainstorm ideas and solutions, and change my team’s mindset from a risk-averse one to a calculated risk-seeking one.

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Meet the “trainer”


Alistair James Schneider

Founder of Startupsinnovation.

Start-up mentor, Large enterprise program manager. Alistair is expert in all things innovation. During his early career he helped implement hundreds of projects, launched and mentored several start-ups himself and learn what works and doesn’t. He lived and worked in the Silicon Valley, California where he decided to launch Startupsinnovation to empower others to be successful like entrepreneurs from the valley. 

Key Players Endorsement

Bernard Kress, Entrepreneur, former Google Glass, today Microsoft HoloLens partner, 

“Alistair,  the author of this book, provides the reader with a very thorough overview of the startup process for early stage entrepreneurs, what one should expect through the different stages of the start-up development, the good as well as the bad. He shows how the entrepreneur should prepare him/herself in order to anticipate the various early stage hurdles rather than experience them, and thus have the best chances of making the best impact. This is done in a simple, concise and methodical way. Apply Alistair’s teaching to get the most out of your early stage entrepreneurial experience and magnify your chances of success – a good place to start before you incorporate your company.”


About the training content

The training includes a 3h+ online training that comes with a certificate of completion AND a handbook guide. In addition, students that enroll in the online training are automatically included in a facebook group where they can ask their own questions and network with other participants as they wish. The book and the online program needs to be ordered separately. The book was endorsed by several serial entrepreneurs (Bernard Kress former entrepreneur, today head of engineering at Microsoft HoloLens, Dirk Ahlborn the founder of CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies who kindly accepted after his team confirmed the quality of the book that we use the picture of the Hyperloop prototype for our cover). All of our content is based on real life, business experiences and from interviews from key players the startups and innovation ecosystems including venture capitalists.


Overview of what is included in the online training

Overview of the key steps covered in great detail in the training

Who is this training content for

For future startup founder

When you are a planning to launch a startup ground-up it is crucial for you to understand the fundamentals in order to save time and minimize your risk of failure. Did you know that over nine out of ten startups fail? The biggest reasons of failure is that entrepreneurs underestimated the work needed, missed successfully key steps such as doing a good market research, being able to form a founding team or convince investors that there is value in their project. This program will teach early stage startup founders all the basic and fundamental steps that all entrepreneurs need to go through to augment their chances of success.

For curious managers and employees from large corporations

The startup way of bringing ideas to reality is a very powerful and lean one. More and more companies are adopting the lean startup (or agile) way of doing things. In times in which change is a constant, employees are required to more flexible, act faster and better understand business so they can make the right decisions at the right time. They are expected to think outside the box a difficult task when you rarely have the opportunity to see what is happening outside the box (outside the company’s walls). This training will provide a great overview and a compelling call for action for employees to better understand the need for innovation and the methods and philosophies  used by startups that they can then leverage to accelerate change and innovation in their corporations.

Incubators, universities and schools

The startup fundamental process is really like a recipe. Many organizations spend a lot of time re-create trainings that already exist like this one or don’t have one. We provide the possibility for incubators, universities and schools to provide our content to their communities of entrepreneurs and innovators. This way, these organization are able to provide additional benefits and tools to their crowds to help increase their knowledge and chance of success.

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