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Listen to exclusive interviews of successful individuals from diverse backgrounds. The goal is the podcast is to crack the code of living a successful and happy life in a entertaining and educating way. We hope to provide inspiring talks, practical and actionable insights and new ideas for folks listening to utilize to build better lives and it through the life jungle. Things that are not usually learned through traditional education curriculums (Think school, parents etc.) but that are key to influence better outcomes.  

By mixing top successful individuals like entrepreneurs, self-made people, family people, experts in specific fields, artists we hope to be able to merge the perspectives to have a better view of what success is made of today and according to them.




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Jay Samit. World Authority on Digital and self disruption shares the secrets he learned from working with household names and billionaires

Tom McELroy. Leading survival, primitive skills instructor, youtube sensation shares lessons learned from living in the wild and applicability to real life

Benjamin Omiesete. The artist manager behind a global successful artist Flavour and how they to bring their music to millions

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