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Wealth building and Capitalism (USA)


Wealth building and Capitalism (USA)

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The Millennial, Generation Z and beginners Guide To Building Wealth In a Capitalistic Society (USA)

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Exclusive Wealth Building training – Great overview version to give you the bird eyes view of the opportunities you have building wealth now.

This is awesome, thorough and well thought out overview wealth building training crafted for those who want to increase their financial literacy and start building wealth today. This training will guide you through the process of managing your money, debt, understanding better how the capitalist system works and turning earned income into passive income successfully.

What you will learn in this training will give you new perspectives into the world you live in and how you can take control of you life financially. You will learn that success is not just about working for money but knowing how to make money work for you.

Nora, the trainer has done extensive research to put together this training for you. She is an early entrepreneur (founder of Nutranx – a Fintech – money transfer solution and CGRSS a market research company). She in her last year of studies at Harvard University (Investment Banking and Law). She kindly accepted to create this life changing training for Junglemy and we are extremely proud and happy to be able to bring you such knowledge.


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