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Innovation, disruption and the startup agile way to validate and implement new business ideas and solutions

Innovation, disruption and the startup agile way to validate and implement new business ideas and solutions


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What the course will teach you: 

  • Learn about the world of startups and innovation to adapt to the tech (r)evolution
  • Learn to take ideas to reality the startup entrepreneur way or startup way (agile, fast, flexible and focused)
  • Leverage that thinking no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an employee or leader driving innovation

About the content creator (Companion): 

The training was developed by Alistair Schneider a business manager who worked helping scale big businesses, in a variety of roles. Alistair is also an entrepreneur at heart and the founder of Junglemy, an online life education platform and startupsinnovation which provides services to early stage entrepreneurs and bigger established businesses. He advises startups, entrepreneurs and business management on the topics of new solution development, problem solving, project and program execution, business process engineering, early stage marketing, finance, fundraising and strategy definition. Alistair is originally from France, he lived in Boston and the Silicon Valley.

Content Knowledge

Key steps to launching a start-up FREE 00:06:00
How the course is organized FREE 00:02:00
About the Presenter FREE 00:02:00
The startup culture and definitions
What is an entrepreneur 00:04:00
What’s really a start up 00:03:00
The world of startups 00:04:00
The startup perfect game 00:05:00
The world of bigger enterprises 00:06:00
What is a startup ecosystem 00:07:00
Startups success failures stats 00:04:00
Fear and failure 00:04:00
The tech (r)evolution
How are companies born today FREE 00:03:00
Why is innovation accelerating 00:05:00
Last 20 Years of disruption 00:06:00
Next 10 years 00:07:00
Company lifespan is reducing FREE 00:02:00
Why innovation is good but also challenging 00:08:00
The future of 9-5 employees FREE 00:10:00
Is the tech revolution really that big 00:02:00
Taking your idea off the ground
The key steps to starting-up 00:03:00
The mindset you need to adopt 00:05:00
How to find great ideas 00:04:00
What idea should you start with 00:03:00
Why and how to proof an idea 00:05:00
Find if your idea already exists 00:02:00
How to use a business model canvas 00:07:00
Steps to conduct a market research 00:03:00
Requirements of a pitch presentation 00:02:00
The perfect pitch presentation (Airbnb) 00:12:00
The important entrepreneurial formula 00:03:00
Networking & teams
Critical team roles 00:04:00
How to network efficiently 00:03:00
When does ego come in the way and the co-founder challenge 00:05:00
How to build your online presence 00:02:00
How to raise capital to fuel your idea
The process of fundraising and how investors think 00:16:00
Important basic legal considerations 00:04:00
Bonus: The Startup + Artist advantage
The Artist and Entrepreneur opportunities: Stories and examples  FREE 00:15:00
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